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A Studio With Character...

Arconyx provides top-quality character animation, vfx, and game development services.

Our proprietary workflow and extensive artist network allow us to meet your needs on a budget that makes sense.

As a studio in Los Angeles, CA, we know we must constantly grow with our clients in order to stay competitive.

One look at our work will show you why we have such amazing clients who keep coming back for our best.

Arconyx is a passionate young indie animation and game development studio. In animation, we bring dozens of years of experience to bear in all industries from film, to TV and commercials. With games, we are focused on high-end experiences, but with a nod towards the guerrila game dev workflow that makes this industry so exciting. We iterate fast. We try new things. We fall flat on our faces but then get right back up again smarter, wiser, and even more HELL BENT on bringing the best games to audiences around the world.