Full-service animation, visual effects and game development since 2007.

For over 11 years, Arconyx has offered clients high-end visual services and interactive development. 

From Film, to TV, Games to Commercials, our artists have brought over 130 projects to life, on time and on budget.  When it comes to working with us, the creative process is treated like a partnership.  We revel in the experience of taking a client's ideas an extra step further.  

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Areas of Expertise

Feature animation

Our flagship film "Chance" tells the story of a pit-bull sold in the world of dog-fighting, who, when he meets his friends in the ring, must decide between his life or friendship.  This fully-animated CG film represents a new era of cost-effective digital film making.   Written by Kenny Young, Directed by studio founder Kenny Roy. 90 min.

Game development

Studio founder Kenny Roy is an award-winning game designer, with a penchant for story telling and an eye for games for change.  We have developed and delivered interactive content for top-end clients, and know that the future of content is multi-platform. 

Film Visual effects

With credits at the highest echelons of feature film visual effects, our artists know the workflows and attention to detail necessary to bring your vision to life.  We pride ourselves on being the studio that other studios hire when they need specialists to deliver.  Character animation and visual effects are our specialty.


Some of our favorites projects have been about bringing some of our favorite products to life.  Clients like Hasbro and Mattel have enjoyed our quick turnaround and efficient process, while nobody can beat our rates on character animation.

Episodic TV

Arconyx has brought some amazing shows to life, typically being brought in at the pilot phase to sell shows to major networks.  Our run-and-gun pipeline meets all quality expectations, but at budgets that make sense for new media and episodic projects.  Request a quote on your budding IP, and see if we can't raise your eyebrows.


The future is bright at Arconyx.  From Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, to viral web content, and everything in between, Arconyx has a finger on the pulse of 21st-century media and beyond.  Get in touch if you want to be a part of what's next...



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